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Checklist for Starting an Insurance Franchise

Making a decision to start an insurance franchise business is a great option to begin a business with. If you have made that choice then you are already on the right path that will lead to a successful business. The most important thing is to find an insurance franchise that you feel is worth purchasing. After all, when it comes to the dotted line and closing the deal, you must feel good enough to go ahead.

That said, a significant thing to consider is a checklist for starting an insurance franchise. This checklist will tell you if the franchise that you are considering is the right one for you or not. Additionally, it will also ensure that you start the insurance company franchise in the right way.

Here, we will have a detailed look at the checklist for starting an insurance franchise. So, let’s begin:

  1. Business Model: The first and quite frankly, one of the most important points to consider before starting an insurance franchise is the business model. You must have a consistent, validated, and proven business model on which the franchise business is likely to be based.

    Always keep in mind that when it comes to the best franchise to own, you don’t need a beautiful corporate location. The important thing is that the business model should be functional so that it operates optimally in the long run.
  1. Financial Stability: Before you start an insurance franchise business, you must review the recently audited financial statements to ensure financial stability. This will ensure financial stability in the long run which is again very important for any business.

    As a buyer, you must look for documented and organized financials. Once you have them in order, you can gain security in financial stability.  
  1. Management Team: Be completely aware of the management team of the parent company before starting an insurance franchise business. You must also know their core management team, their standing with commerce departments, credibility, and customers.

    This is a very important point for ensuring the future development and business expansion. You will also be able to diversify your business while leaving a positive impact on your business dealings.
  1. Selling Insurance: A thorough knowledge of the product is an important aspect of choosing an insurance company franchise. When you are a potential investor, it is important to understand the product in complete detail. You will be able to sell it the best if you believe in it and like it before you start selling it.

    You must know all the benefits of the insurance policies that you are selling. This will help you approach the customers with added confidence. You can also go a step ahead and study the market demand to further know how much is the product needed in your territory.
  1. Competition: Understand the USP, varied market demands, and the growth potential that the product is capable of. You can also evaluate other parameters such as local standards, rules, and regulations, trademarks or copyrights of product, product warranties, etc.

    All this will eventually help in standing out as compared to the competition in the market. For any business to become successful, emerging as a strong industry player is important. When you have detailed knowledge, you will be able to take the right steps to become a strong competitor.
  1. Territory: Oftentimes, location plays a significant role in promoting a service or a product-oriented business. You must find out why a location serves as an ideal territory for your insurance company franchise.

    You can also discover if your sales territory has any possibility to expand further. This will help you in reaching out to the right audience within a territory. It will increase your sales and it will ensure considerable business growth in the long run.
  1. Demographic Analysis: Before you have the best insurance franchise to own, you must also have a demographic data projection for the coming time. This will give you detailed data when it comes to income, age, and occupation of people in an area.

    When you do a demographic analysis, you will know how many people are likely to need insurance policies. In addition, you will also understand which kinds of people require what kind of policies.
  1. Contract: Pay keen attention to the dotted line before you start an insurance franchise. This might take some time, but make sure that you read through the contract in detail.

    Before signing the dotted line, read the contract to understand if you and the franchisor are protected aptly. You should know the obligation, right, size of the operation, and financial terms stated clearly.
  1. Money Needed: Get to know the fee of the franchise in complete detail. You must also find out if there is any fixed, yearly, or monthly payment involved. There are payments related to gross sales and continuing services offered by the franchisor.

    You should know about all these requirements. The franchisors also maintain either a federal or a provincial registration. You should find all about that before starting the insurance franchise business.
  1. Legal Compliance: It is important to evaluate the legal compliance and track records of the franchisor. You can check a couple of documents such as licenses, permits, existing contracts like mortgages and leases, etc.

    Particularly if there is a business premise with a restriction on staffing, pricing, and selling then be clear about legal, contractual, and compliance issues.


If you have made the decision to start an insurance company franchise then you must know that it is a great step that will promise you good results. However, it is important to check a couple of things before you close the deal and start the business. Make sure that you check all the things mentioned above in detail before going ahead to guarantee long term success.